Round 3, Game 3: Thunder 133, Warriors 105

[caption id="attachment_7054" align="alignnone" width="494" caption="Uh-oh."][/caption] After two decades of pain, disappointment, and shame, for the last couple years, it’s been fun to be a Warriors fan pretty much every day. Yesterday was an exception. In their first playoff game ever in Oklahoma City, the W’s got destroyed. Their offense was disorganized, their defense was undisciplined, and they looked just generally lost. The officiating didn't help matters; there were some truly perplexing calls, and while I can't exactly blame a 28-point loss on the referees, they sucked all the life out of a game that was still in question in the second quarter. But the low point had already come, way back in the 1st. Draymond Green drove with Steven Adams defending, a foul was called, and looked for all the world like Draymond kicked the big Kiwi in the nads in purpose. I love Draymond to death, but that's no way to act; we're supposed to be the good guys. He was called for a flagrant foul and may end up being suspended for Game 4, which would be, in a word, bad. It was a disheartening spectacle all around, and the doomsaying in the media has already begun. I'll be doing my level best to avoid all the pointless chatter over the next couple days; in the end, it was just one game, and the W's will have another chance to steal back home-court advantage on Tuesday. Till then, protect your vitals, everybody.

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  1. Merle Baggard Says:

    I want them to win so badly. The 73 win season validated last year’s ring. A ring this year would validate the 73 win season, and would make them the best team ever.

  2. The Philter » Blog Archive » A Day That Will Live in Infamy Says:

    […] this decision. One explanation is that it’s a makeup call for Draymond’s non-suspension in the Steven Adams incident in the Conference Finals. He probably should have been suspended for that one — and it would have […]

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