Linsane in the Membrane

Of all the words on tongue and pen, the saddest are, it might have been...

I know the world has been waiting with bated breath for me to weigh in on the phenomenon known as “Linsanity,” i.e., the emergence of one Jeremy Lin as an up-and-coming star for the NBA’s New York Knicks. This is a bit of a personal pain point because last year, in his rookie season, Lin played for My Golden State Warriors — though not much. As a third-string point guard he played only sporadic minutes, during which he looked fairly promising, though often confused by the fact that loud cheers went up every time he touched the ball.

During the offseason the Warriors waived Lin to clear cap space so they could make a fruitless run at several big-name free agents, and while I suffered a few moments of remorse over his departure, I can’t say that I expected what’s happened. Which is that, in the last few weeks, Lin has been putting up MVP numbers in New York while becoming not just the talk of the town, or the Association, but an honest-to-God worldwide celebrity. In the last couple weeks I’ve seen stories about him in normally sports-free zones like The Colbert Report and The Ed Show. Today I happened to be in Oakland Chinatown; the girls waiting in line behind me for banh mi were talking about Lin, and at the newsstand he was on the cover of every Chinese-language paper.

And so it goes for Warriors fans — players who wouldn’t, couldn’t, or didn’t play well for us go on to become stars elsewhere. You’d think we’d be used to it by now. I certainly don’t begrudge Lin his success — he seems like a very nice guy, though a little Jesus-y for my taste — but I just wish for once it would happen to us.

I know, keep dreaming….

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  1. The Old Man in KS Says:

    About a week ago Larry Wilmore, the Daily Show’s official black reporter did a hilarious segment on his fear that Lin’s success was the start of African Americans being pushed aside in the NBA.

  2. Merle Baggard Says:

    I too am sick of “ex-warriors” becoming stars elsewhere. Annoying.

  3. Aaron Says:

    As much as I thank the basketball gods for begetting Lin to my favorite team the Knicks, and as much as I curse my second favorite team the W’s for creating allstars by making their players wear other uniforms, the fact is that every team in the NBA overlooked Jeremy several times. Not worth a second round pick, passing through waivers several times, and even the Knicks left him on the bench with minimal minutes. Only because of injury did he even get enough minutes to shine. If those injuries came a week later, Lin would have been cut rather then pay him for the rest of the season.

    The difference between genius and dumbluck is hard to identify.

    Add’l evidence, Bill Belichek is a genius for drafting Brady in round 6 and only gets a chance when Bledsoe gets hurt. If Brady is taken round 5 by Cincinatti, Kansas City, Tampa, etc, he would never have been heard of again.

  4. luckypaul Says:

    Bogut will be the W’s saviour! (Or at least funny in interviews.)

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