LCD Soundsystem: “This Is Happening”

Posted in Dancing about architecture on March 9th, 2011 by bill

I was a little late to this particular party. For years I assumed any band that called itself “LCD Soundsystem” would make some kind of crappy techno that I would have no interest in. But I kept hearing about them and by the time I finally decided they were worth checking out, mastermind James Murphy was on The Colbert Report saying that this was their last ever TV appearance. A farewell concert is scheduled for April 2 at Madison Square Garden, and while the temporary retirement has become a fairly standard music biz tactic, Murphy seems sincerely tired of the rock’n’roll treadmill. So there’s a decent chance he means it.

He spells out his feelings about the Long Plastic Hallway pretty clearly on “You Wanted a Hit”:

You wanted a hit
But maybe we don’t do hits
I try and try
It ends up feeling kind of wrong…
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