Sweet Spot #6

Today’s musical treat includes visits from an old favorite (David Bowie), a new favorite (The Decemberists), an old favorite that I didn’t know about until recently (Kevin Ayers), and three-quarters of the Beatles. Enjoy.


1. Isn’t It a Lovely Night?/The Decemberists (The Hazards of Love)
2. Isn’t It a Pity/George Harrison (All Things Must Pass)
3. Isolation/John Lennon (Plastic Ono Band)
4. It Ain’t Easy/David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust)
5. It Begins with a Blessing–Once I Awakened–But It Ends with a Curse/Kevin Ayers (The Confessions of Doctor Dream
6. It Don’t Come Easy/Ringo Starr (Ringo)

4 Responses to “Sweet Spot #6”

  1. Merle Baggard Says:

    Ringo was on VH1 story tellers. It may be on On Demand still. He’s cool.

  2. Knox Bronson Says:

    how about a songlist to accompany these mixes? i have no idea who is doing the first song, which I can’t stand, btw. but i want to know. and here is george … knew that one instantly. 🙂

  3. Knox Bronson Says:

    oh … i see you have a list. sorry. isolation followed by it ain’t easy? excellent!

  4. Shaun Filson Says:

    Thanks for recognizing Kevin Ayers and this particular album, which was a favorite of mine during my SF State years. You never cease to amaze!

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