Movie title du jour

Today’s title is for a comedy set in the world of higher learning — maybe Harvard, or maybe Yale, which as the alma mater of George W. Bush is an easy target. It features the madcap hijinks of a couple of unsuccessful standup comedians who, for reasons yet undetermined, are on the run from the mob. While hiding out on a college campus, they are mistaken for visiting professors and zany hilarity ensues. The title:

“Academia Nuts.”

3 Responses to “Movie title du jour”

  1. Cecil Boy Says:

    That one took a moment to sink in (sync in?) but when it did — hoo boy!


  2. xian Says:

    You don’t even have to write it. Just remake the Laurel & Hardy classic “Chumps at Oxford.”

  3. bill Says:

    If only Jerry Lewis were still alive. Wait, Jerry Lewis is still alive…well, you know what I mean.

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