Bands I’ve Seen

Inspired by Cecil and Jeff, I've decided to post here — mainly as a bulwark against deteriorating brain function—the official list of Bands I've Seen. Latest addition: Manu Chao at the Bill Graham Civic, last night. That's right, I'm still hip, baby. It's a little terrifying to consider how much money is represented here, not to mention all the so-called "convenience fees" extorted from me by those bastards at Ticketmaster. Today, all I have to show for it are ticket stubs and memories, many of the latter fuzzy at best. But I have no regrets, except maybe not taking earplugs to that Thinking Fellers show, which I think caused about 20% of my rock'n'roll-related hearing loss. Or if I have regrets, they're shows I didn't see. Like the Lou Reed show that got cancelled because of the L.A. riots — you know, the one we had fourth-row tickets for. And in the words of the Butthole Surfers (seen three times that I can remember): "It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done. And by the way, if you see your mom this weekend, be sure and tell her...SATAN!" AC/DShe (x2) Ade, King Sunny Air Amadou & Mariam Ash, Daniel Bauhaus Beck (x3) Belly Beta Band Beulah (x2) Blackalicious (x2) Black, Frank (x4) Blind Boys of Alabama Bowie, David (x3) Breeders Brian Jonestown Massacre Built to Spill (2008) Burnett, T-Bone Butthole Surfers (x3?) Buzzcocks Camper Van Beethoven (x?) Cave, Nick Chao, Manu & the Radio Bemba Sound System Chilton, Alex Clinton, George & the P-Funk All Stars Costello, Elvis Cracker Cramps Cure David, Anthony Del the Funkyhomosapien Depeche Mode Devo (x2) Dimmer Doe, John (x2) Dr. John (x3) Eskimo Fall Flaming Lips fIREHOSE Foetus Funky Meters (x?) Gabriel, Peter Galactic Grateful Dead Guy, Buddy Harvey, PJ Hooker, John Lee Hooters Jane’s Addiction Jazz Butcher (x2) Jesus & Mary Chain (x3) King, B.B. Kool Keith (x2) Kraftwerk Latryx Levy, Barrington Lords of the New Church Los Lobos (x3) Love and Rockets (x4) Loved Ones Low Pop Suicide Lyrics Born Malkmus, Stephen Meat Puppets Monks of Doom Morphine Murphy, Peter Musselwhite, Charlie Naked, Buck & the Bare Bottom Boys Negativland Oranger Overwhelming Colorfast Ozomatli Pavement (x4) Pere Ubu Perry, Lee Pixies (x4) Presidents of the USA Rev. Horton Heat Richman, Jonathan Roots Semisonic Shriekback (x2) Siouxsie and the Banshees Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars (2008) Sippy Cups (x3) Sisters of Mercy Sly & Robbie/Taxi Gang Soft Boys Sonic Youth Spencer, Jon Blues Explosion (x2?) Spiritualized Starlight Mints Sugar Television They Might Be Giants Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Thin White Rope Throwing Muses (x2) Tin Machine Tortoise Voice Farm (x?) Waits, Tom Wire Wolfgang Press Wu-Tang Clan Young Fresh Fellows Ze, Tom

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  1. Cecil Vortex Says:

    you just had to bring up that Lou Reed show didn’t you?



  2. Fish Sandwich Says:

    You forgot to add worst show ever: Guster.

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