Perfect for Five Seconds

“You were perfect for five seconds,” she said.

I think in the far future, after everyone’s famous for fifteen minutes, they will be perfect for five seconds. Which, if you think about it, is long enough. Because in those five seconds you will be a transcendent being, encompassing all possibilities and outside of time and space. So this is great news for everyone.

Everyone except me, of course. Cause I’ve already had mine. Dammit.

One Response to “Perfect for Five Seconds”

  1. Cecil Vortex Says:

    Maybe she was just being nice. Maybe you were perfect for 3 seconds and then pretty good for 1 second, and honestly just so-so for another second, which would mean you could well have 2 more seconds of perfection coming to you.
    I was perfect once for 2 seconds, but I slept right through it.


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