The Bubble Planet

Pages from somebody’s children’s books were scattered all over Pleasant Valley Avenue today. A picture of Simba the lion cub on the corner of Montgomery Street, and near the crest of the small hill near Howe Street, a white sheet containing the following inspirational message:

The Bubble Planet was
not so scary anymore.
Buzz was happy.
His friends were here.
And he was clean!

2 Responses to “The Bubble Planet”

  1. Cecil Vortex Says:

    glad to hear Buzz finally got off the “bubble” juice.

  2. bill Says:

    You know, I always wondered why he was called “Buzz.” And now that you mention it, the name “Lightyear” is a bloody giveaway, isn’t it?

    “Sure, buddy, your name is ‘Buzz Lightyear’ and you’re an ‘astronaut.’ Now put down the blotter and come with us.”

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