Overhead leopard, Kansas City Zoo

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I wasn’t kidding

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When old buddy Willem of Medastyle fame pointed out that an Abe Vigoda “ink signature with printed quotation” was available on eBay for $8, I said that I was going to buy it, and I did—I have to love myself for that.

Abecard 1

In truth, it’s just a 3-by-5 card with some typed text and a signature that I have to presume to be Abe’s. But someday, maybe, Abe Vigoda is going to die, and then I’m going to be a wealthy man.

Lions Are Growing

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When Brother Cecil sent this out as the Richard Brautigan Poem of the Day recently, I was reminded of a recorded version that I’d heard back in my wasted youth. Thanks to the magic Internets, I was able to track it down almost instantly. It is from an out-of-print “demonstration” disc called The Digital Domain and is credited to one Charles Shere. It is now presented here for your edification:

Lions Are Growing